[Hearthstone] The Pity Mechanic (As Predicted by Me)


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Back in September, I posted the following statement.

Hearthstone packs have a  bad-luck mitigation mechanic that boost the chances of getting a legendary card the longer you go without seeing a legendary.

Me – 14 September 2015

It turns out over the new year, someone did some investigations and confirmed to reddit that, yes the pity mechanic exists. Then they did some further work and figured that it also applies to epics (and golden cards). Continue reading

Turning GamerPro Article



I am currently working very hard in the office and not at all wasting time, and found this nice little mainstream (It’s the Guardian!) article. It fills up a little time

My dream to become pro gamer ended in utter failure is the story of how a normal guy followed up on the commonly held idea that we could become pro-gamers if we tried hard enough. It is a fun read.


Hearthstone Pack Tracking Woes


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I had been hoping to play with the numbers from my latest Hearthstone drawing, but it looks as though the log file generated by the game no longer includes new cards. This is quite disappointing because now I need to find another way to record 90+ packs.
While trying to work out the log issues I did manage to get my deck tracking overlay sorted out. As a reward (and to partially offset my pack logging complaints), my first game with working UI gave me a Reno-heal when I was on 1 health and otherwise unavoidably dead. That got a concede out from my opponent.
Outside of Hearthstone I finished my ME3 play-through. It might have taken over a year but I can finally tick that one off the list. Next I need to decide if I should focus on Dragon Age over the holidays or return to WoW for my Christmas presents.

Playtime Disclosure, Part 3


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Somehow I am on to my 3rd post of a series in what was supposed to be a one-off.

First, WoW. I discovered that I could use my expired veterans account to log on my bank alt and collect the anniversary achievement. I couldn’t open my mail, so miss out on the toys and XP boost, but it was enough to ding the achievement and spend a few minutes chatting in guild. I also discovered that I cannot sent a RAF to myself unless I resub my main first. This means I effectively need 4 months to get full value from it. That should sort me out while waiting for Legion.

Second, I completed Wings of Liberty last night, putting me 1/3rd of the way through the Starcraft 2 Trilogy. I am slowly ticking off my to-do list. Unfortunately I then discovered that Endless Legend is 66% off on Steam while Massive Chalice and Frozen Cortex are 75% off! Just as I start getting on top of my list, it sends me back to the start.


Fortunately for me, things cannot get any worse. I cannot think of any Trekverve quadruple facepalms.

12 Days of Blizzcon


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Thanks (or blame) goes to Bodhi Rana for the inspiration and Blizzard for their environmentally friendly habit of recycling things.

On the weekend of Blizzcon, Warcraft gave to me
Twelve NPCs gnawing,
Eleven critters cringing,
Ten followers frolicking,
Nine mini-pets milking,
Eight quest hub for clearing,
Seven raid bosses rutting,
Six story-filled faction grinds,
Five cross-promotional rewards.
Four legendary weapons,
Three flying mounts,
Two of which are from pro raids.
All built on from the frame of one moose

Playtime Disclosure


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Quick disclosure time now. I stopped playing WoW about 2 weeks ago and I do miss it. Unfortunately I cannot resub yet because I was on the old pricing scheme and I would come back on the new. The net result being that I need to take a month’s break for the cost of resubbing for the next 18 months to be the same as if I had just stayed subscribed. Continue reading


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