I humbly beg for your forgivenes


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I have an apology to make. I have just discovered how WordPress treat cuts in a news feed.

Mitsubishi President Tetsuro Aikawa being sorry

I am very sorry for my transgression.

My posts have followed the introduction-cut-main body format. This was to avoid filling feeds with overly long waffle while allowing readers enough information for them to decide if they want to know more.

Starship Troopers. Would you like to know more?

If you want to force someone to click through, be totally shameless about it.

Having seen this in action on elsewhere I now understand my mistake. The section below the cut is not available in my feed. To read the full article I must click through to their site. My feed hosted nothing more than what is effectively a tease line, the result of which is to turn a decent article into click-bait.
Knowing how this impacts my reading, I will resolve to make a few changes.

  • I will be stop using cuts for the majority of my posts. If someone has me in their feed, I will assume it is because they want to read my posts.
  • I will try even harder to keep my posts succinct.
  • Detailed arguments, reasoning, and calculations will be put below the cut after the end of the main body, acting as an appendix.

Of course, no one actually reads my posts and I say I blog only for myself. Now I am being a hypocrite too!

Bill and Ted and Socrates

Dude, I said hypocrite, I think we have the wrong philosopher.

[Hearthstone] Whispers of the Old Gods – Launch Night



Whispers of the Old Gods launched last night and, instead of being asleep, I found myself online just as the corruptification sequence completed on the server hamsters. Of course did the only sane thing possible. I ignored all the new goodies and played an overload/battlecry Shaman deck that I had created 3 months ago and just happened to only contain Standard mode cards.
My shaman deck is terrible. It is half based around buffing Tunnel Trogg and Unbound Elemental via overload cards and half comboing battlecries with Brann Bronzebeard and Rumbling Elemental. It has always been weak (<40% wins). Last night it was still rubbish, but everyone else was a lot worse.
Against Old God decks, I was heavily favoured for an easy victory. Their decks focused on their strengths against which I had strong counters (thank you cheap silence/hex) while rarely considering my own threats. I lost to just one Old God deck, a miracle Yoggue, there held the board before getting a perfect Yogg-Saron to swing the game massively in their favour (Yogg is the new eSports). The only other times I tasted defeat were against old decks that had been slightly tweaked to incorporate a couple of the new cards.
The net result was going 6-3, clearing off over half of the win 2 and win 7 quests and hitting a new rank for the month. I would expect to do similarly well tonight until people figure out how to use the new cards. Then again, maybe it is time for me to start my experimenting.

Things that put me off from playing GW2



I have been playing GuildWar2 semi-periodically for about a year now (because it was reduced to £5 at the time and I thought it would be worth taking a look-see). I had always known a bit about the game and through it was interesting, but there were quite a few factors that put me off plunging in around launch. While GW2 has its problems, these weren’t really any of them. Here they are in no particular order. Continue reading

[Hearthstone] No Dust For You


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A couple of months ago I proclaimed how fantastic it was that Naxx was getting phased out, because now I could disenchant all those free gold cards for lots of dust. I was wrong.

I thought that gold cards were rewarded for completing the hard mode boss fights. Last night I completed the spider wing in hard mode and discovered that there was no reward. I little more research shows that gold cards have to be crafted. I guess this means no sudden bounty of dust when we move to the new standard mode.

[Overwatch] Sorry, But I am Very Immature


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I am going to do a post on the Buttwatch drama llama. I think it is a victory for the campaign for sensible poses and I am very happy to see that the female characters won’t all get a standard sexy pose just because of their gender, but that isn’t what I want to post about. Mostly I want to demonstrate how much of a child I am with my horribly juvenile sense of humour and love of the many differences in English around the globe. Continue reading

Don’t Mess With the RNG Gods


Last weekend I have suggested that the number of people watching the Whispers of the Old Gods announcement might be systematic of a lack of popularity for Hearthstone. I think somebody heard me because yesterday Hearthstone got it’s revenge.

There are 33 classic legendary cards. I have collected 5 of them. Upon opening my weekly Tavern Brawl pack, I discovered that I had a legendary. Unfortunately it was Gruul, a card that I already own. Curse you Blizzard. Your vengeance is switch and hard hitting.

Hearthstone – More Crazy Buying


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I picked up the Christmas sale for 50 classic and I spurged an extra 40 packs for Grand Tournament using gold I had collected. I then put the rest into Gnomes Vs Goblins. They might not be usable in the standard game for much longer but I think I’ll prefer wild play and I am a bit of a completionist. I put off opening them for a while because I couldn’t find a way to track my card opening, but I figured I should probably open the cards while they are usable, even if I have to track my openings by hand. Continue reading

[Hearthstone] Dust for everyone


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Edit – It turns out I am an idiot and this whole post is wrong

As is typical for ideas, my last one popped up just before going to bed. It was a bit of a revelation. The Naxxramas adventure gave us 5 legendary cards. When the Standard/Wild play comes along, those legendary cards will be disenchantable. Even if I keep the normal legendarys I can dust the gold versions [1] and each will give enough dust to craft any legendary of my choosing

I think 700g for a legendary card is fantastic value, and that is before considering that I get to choose the ones I make.

[1] – I don’t currently have any golden Naxx legendarys, since I didn’t think the reward was worth the effort of coping with the RNG required to beat the heroic adventures. I think  I have now changed my mind.


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